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In the event that a candidate is going to India for therapeutic reasons, a medical visa might be issued.

Legitimacy of visa and expansion of visa

The Indian Mission issues medical Visas to India for the term of the treatment or for a time of one year, whichever is less.
The visa can be stretched out to one more year by the State Governments or FRROs after creating medical testimony by particular medical centres/hospitals in the country.
Further expansions must be approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs just if the State Government/FRROs support the extension with significant medical reports.

Visa to attendants/relatives

Attendants or relatives of the Patient coming to India for medicinal treatments are qualified to acquire Miscellaneous Visa proportionate to the “M” Visa. Such a visa is issued to spouse, children or relatives of the patient. Nonetheless, not more than two attendants are permitted at once to get a visa. Such a visa is known as ‘MX visa’. It is compulsory that foreigners coming to India on ‘MX visa’ get themselves enlisted with the concerned FRROs/FROs inside of 14 days of landing.


The Indian Missions and Posts checks each medical record set abroad to find out the validity of the medical visa.

The candidate will likewise be required to create acceptable points of interest to The Missions that medical treatment is first looked for in the nation of habitation or starting point and has gotten medicine to look for treatment abroad.

Medical visas to India are issued just for treatment in presumed/recognized specific clinics/hospitals in the nation. The accompanying is an incomplete list of essential conditions for which The Mission issues visas – Neuro-surgery; Ophthalmic conditions; heart related issues; renal problems; organ transplantations; plastic surgery; joint replacement and so forth. Nonetheless, if the Mission is content about the requirement for the patient to visit India, visas will be issued for different conditions too. The candidate might be required to deliver verification.


It is required that foreigners coming to India on ‘M visa’ get themselves registered with the concerned FRROs/FROs inside of 14 days of landing.

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