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Medical / Legal Guidelines


India being one of the top three countries to provide Medical tourism, the government of India has established numerous structures composed of medical legal guidelines. These guidelines are set for ensuring the safety and well-being of people who travel to India for taking services related to health and wellness.

As a person seeking treatment across international borders, you should have knowledge of medical and legal guidelines in India, as in medical procedure there is some degree of danger or uncertainty involved.

Medical Visa in India – Current Scenario:

The government of India issues medical visa to each medical traveller and this visa can also be prolonged for over a year. This increase in time of visa allows the medical tourist to plan as much as three visits in a year, and these travellers can also be attended and accompanied by a family member or friend during the time of medical trip to India.

Medical Guidelines

Some of the guidelines which should be followed by every traveller coming for healthcare purposes to avert any kind of doubts or difficulties–

  • Make sure that the hospital where you want to undergo your medical treatment must be certified and licensed.
  • Check for the quality of patient care, gather all probable information about the doctors that could possibly be involved in your treatment and cost involved beforeconfirming the hospital.You can always explore about the hospital on the Internet.
  • Learn as much as you can in regard of your procedure and treatment plan. It is very vitalto have genuine expectations from the medical procedure, pre –post operative care as well as the recovery period.
  • Before undergoing any kind of treatment, see your doctor in person. There is a chance where your doctor may perhapssuggest some other course of treatment instead of the planned one, depending upon your diagnostic results.

Note: Hospitals/doctors do not recommend any kind of medical procedure without carrying out diagnostic tests of the patient to understand his/her health situation.

  • Make sure to bring all the applicable documents, medical reports, local currency, traveller’s  cheque as well as credit/debit cards with you and always keep them safe.


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