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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which patients would discover the administrations of JOHA generally helpful?

Medical tourists who might want to visit India for therapeutic treatment, particularly the individuals who are not insured or under-protected, and face issues of high medicinal expenses and high out-of-pocket medical expenses, would discover JOHA’s administrations valuable. Being a confirmed therapeutic tourism organization, JOHA can encourage the best quality treatment for medicinal tourists at the best medical facilities, at much lower expenses, in India.

Q.For whom do JOHA’s administrations give the most alleviation?

Those clients, who confront the likelihood of undergoing a restorative/surgical method that costs much past their medical insurance, or is just past their budgetary power, can determine the most advantages by making utilization of services provided by JOHA.

Q.What is Medical Tourism?

A combination where medical treatment is sought after along with travel is known as Medical Tourism or Health tourism. Patients, from nations where medical treatment is either very costly or not available at all go to other countries where good and cost effectiveness medicinal services are accessible, with the goal that their medical issues can be dealt and can also travel destination country. This is otherwise called health tourism or medical tourism.

Q.Why to choose India for medical treatment or surgery?

India is one of the leadingnations in medical tourism. The doctor’s facilities here brag of best medicalequipment’s and infrastructure that is proportional to the finestmedical centres of the world. India’s USP to the extent medicinal tourism is concerned is cost effective medications and treatment. Indian specialists/doctors are considered among the best and their hands have mended numerous over the globe. A greatvariety of surgeries is additionally done here. Medical tourism in India empowers you to explore a lovely country, recover in private and go back home to utilize your reserve funds on whatever you wish for.

Q.Is the cost gap sufficient to make flying the distance to India advantageous?

You will be surprised to realize that the cost contrast for an expansive number of medications and surgeries here, is certain to compensate for your air ticket. Your medicinal treatment which incorporates your air passage will cost a great deal not as much as that that of numerous western nations. Therapeutic tourism like these fill a double need as you can investigate India before or after the treatment

Q.Why is medicinal treatment less expensive in India? Are medicinal and therapeutic standards measures low?

The difference in expense is not because of the low norms of medical centres but since of India being at an alternate stage monetarily or economically. The expenses for misconduct protection and other related charges forced on medical practitioners in western countries are much higher. It is understood that the patients need to hold up under the weight of these expenses. Medicinal experts in developing countries, for example, India don’t need to pay such tremendous charges. The treatment charge imposed on patients is significantly lessened as an outcome.

Q.Do the medical center staff and JOHA delegates comprehend and communicate in English?

Yes certainly. The staff, medical caretakers and specialists at the doctor’s facility are capable in communicating in English. Additionally, the whole group at JOHA is open to communicate in English.

Q.What are the settlement alternatives for my friend while I get treated?

Your friend can browse avariety of accommodation choices accessible while you get better. There are a few inns and guesthouses where we can plan a stay for your buddy where you might go along with him or her after treatment. Once the city and the medicalcentreare settled, we can give you numerous alternatives as far as practical or extravagance stay according to decision. The settlement can be organized near the airplane terminal or even near the medicalcentre according to your benefit.

Q.What about medical insurance? Will I get reimbursed if I get treatment from India?

Medical treatments at the Hospitals are secured by various health insuranceproviders the whole way across the globe. These incorporate Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ALICO (American Life Insurance Company), International SOS and the sky is the limit from there.

Q.Will you help in getting me a visa?

JOHA can help with getting a medical visa as fast as feasible for its patients, gave the vital information and documents are shared with no delays and glitches. Help with visa applications and documents will be certainly given by JOHA.

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