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JOHA interfaces patients with medicinal and therapeutic teams who give good treatment at reasonable expense in India. Getting treatment in a nation that you’ve never been to is a major decision. You require a reliable and trustworthy source.

We are an Indian company based at Mumbai who service the needs of individuals seeking medical treatment.

We persistently and tirelessly hear you out, give straightforward solutions for your inquiries and offer you some assistance with making an educated choice. You can video talk with us on Skype specifically at joha_india, and become more acquainted with us.

You can likewise recommend your favoured method of correspondence by connecting with via

Phone No. +91-7738323376


To be a foremost player in India, providing healthcare and wellness services across state-of-art facilities, at affordable cost.


To guide, facilitate and support beneficiaries traveling to India, avail and meet their healthcare or wellness needs extensively.

JOHA Cares

Surgery is a serious proposition. It requires vast amount of thought, conversations, and consideration.

At JOHA, we understand the importance of every medical procedure conducted, and therefore,we treat our guests with paramount care and expertise.
We are exceptionally sensitive towards your requirements and all the medical procedures and surgeries are conducted by accredited and proficient surgeons.
JOHA assures you that all preparations for examinations, investigations, surgeries, and post-operative  healing will be skilfully taken care of.
We encourage you to educate yourself about the procedures before any confirmations

Why Us

JOHA offers acomprehensive assistance for the complete wellness of patients arriving in India. Established on the understandings we have gained in the field of medical tourism, there are some significant facts that we consider of utmost importance.

  • Assuring availability of quality treatment
  • Personal Care for every individual
  • Quick response
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Total transparency
  • Utmost respect of your privacy

Why India

  • India is placed among the top three medical tourist terminuses in Asia, where Singapore and Thailand are the other two.
  • The reason behind India being ranked among top three ismainly due to good healthcare infrastructure, low cost of treatment, better success rates and availability of highly-skilled doctors.
  • Comparatively, medical treatment cost in India for some procedures would be around 1/10th of the cost in other developed nations where there is absolutely no compromise on healthcare standards. Acknowledged for the most cost-effective medical treatments, India has high standards in super specialty treatment like Oncology, Neuro, Gynaecology, Cardiac …….
  • India has more than 125 NABH and 20 JCI accredited hospitals in India. JCI and NABH are boards which are established to set up to establish and operate accreditation and allied programs for healthcare organizations.
  • India being the place where there is Yoga and Ayurveda, one can simply go in for comprehensive treatment/elective treatment alternatives if necessary. A complete health project can help with expanded wellbeing and recuperation.
  • Be that as it may, in the previous couple of years, India has led the pack as a standout amongst the most favoured destination for medical

Our Values

You Matter

We search out, perceive, and esteem everybody’s learning, background, and data. We associate with everybody with a soul of collaboration, a comical inclination, and the most extreme appreciation.

Advancement and Systems Thinking

We trust that each framework is flawlessly intended to accomplish the outcomes it gets, and just through nonstop development and change of frameworks will we have any kind of effect in the nature of wellbeing and medicinal services the world over.

Value, Diversity, and Inclusion

We endeavour to have an association that mirrors the world we live in and grasps everybody in it, regardless of where they originate from, regardless of what their perspective.


We work in the sunlight. We inform the truth regarding ourselves and our work, reporting both disappointments and successes with equivalent order to quicken the learning on how best to move forward.

Speed and Dexterity

The pace of progress in medical services is quickening and we expect changes in our own particular work and react as fast as important to strengthen the change of medicinal services.

Festivity and Thankfulness

We invest in thinking back, and also forward, to express gratitude toward one another, and to take pride in what we do.

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